Important Reasons on Why Websites are Not Showing Up on Google Search

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Important Reasons on Why Websites are Not Showing Up on Google Search

Websites showing up on Google Search is the result of intense research, and application of, technical knowledge, behind it. Many digital marketing companies have emerged today with different ideas, innovations, creations and technological, knowledge. Web crawlers are used, by the Google search engine to do a recce of the websites to add to the index. Google needs to know the existence of the website’s page.

A website for showing up on Google search needs to fulfill certain conditions:

  • The website must exist, and, Google must know its existence.  All the important pages are accessed, by, Google.
  • The keyword must be relevant to the niche and is included, on the page.
  • Google must have confidence and trust in your website. It must find it notable than another website.

There are many reasons why a website does not show up on Google search. The common cause, being, when a website is new, it becomes difficult for Google to discover its pages. Search for the website in Google to check whether Google knows about the site or not. If there is a result, it means it is known to Google. A website needs to prove to Google that it needs ranking. High-quality backlinks help in strengthening the site’s presence. Backlinks and internal links are necessary for enforcing page ranking. It is a crucial factor considered in the Google algorithm. The UR score decides the rank, in the race. Building more backlinks is hard compared to internal links. Duplicate content is another reason for websites not showing up on search engines. A canonical tag needs, to be set, if that is, not done, Google picks up the best indexed one. And most importantly, security reasons can lower or decrease your website or page ranking or show a warning in results.

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